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Where will we fly?
Build an attractive FlyGuyz metaverse that attracts a large number of GameFi players to the Ethereum ecosystem, which is in order to make them fight, build, join alliances, and level up to the top of the Legion of the Fly. Dominate the four Realms to become the Master of Divinity!
Designed by a deflationary dual-token model, with strong mechanisms applied through NFTs to support the game token in terms of pricing as well as shortage if any created after 5 to 8 years. The NFTs are supporting the game balance providing crypto users via play-to-earn mechanism that ensure the longevity of the game.
Create an E-Sport Tournament atmosphere in the FlyGuyz Metaverse with King of the Fly Championships featuring various streaming platforms for the tournaments & benefits for the attendees. Using this tournament platform to monetize even further on the $Flyy token model created for the game.
Dominate in the development of community DAO groups and alliances to climb to the top of the Metaverse P2E gaming standards by collaborating with strategic partnerships and non-crypto gaming industry standards. Utilizing the vision of our gaming community to build numbers in strength.
Enable the best technologies so players can use VR devices to explore and fight battles in the FlyGuyz Metaverse. Building out the FlyGuyz community in partnership with other Gaming Platforms and Innovative Blockchain Technologies.