Buy, Sell, & Rent

All FlyGuyz NFTs are based on the blockchain technology. That means everything can be digitally owned, transferred, sold on-game or on a secondary market. Buy or Sell NFTs collected in the game or the marketplace to complete your NFT collection, and improve your FlyGuyz rank and permanent value, make more profits.

The first 4,444 NFT characters will be the in-game modeled characters in FlyGuyz. Genesis collection, being FlyGuyz "Factory NFTs". Genesis players will level up in experience & rank, gain more $FLYY rewards, and begin imprinting permanent value into their Genesis NFTs. Higher the rank, higher the embedded value is. So, at any given rank (if they have enough FLYY tokens + consumed with our in-game soft currency, life essence) you can begin creating copy NFTs of your Genesis, to then distribute to active players or new onboarding players. By default, this created constant updates for new items will be available to purchase on FlyGuyz in-game marketplace. Allowing new users to easily onboard into FlyGuyz. Genesis owners will also be able to rent out their characters to new users. NFT asset will never transfer wallet ownership. Rental period will then commence. Renting is done fast. 8 hours of play is decision window. This discourages bad behavior of existing player from keeping the advanced players earnings high. When the renting user dies in battle, NFT will also return back to original Genesis owner. Life Essence is dealt with strong controls to keep in check the overall game inflation. Rational behaviors to be supported here and bad behavior to be controlled through the mechanisms. If player dies in battle, they can revive using Life Essence, there is a control that only 3 times that same player can be revived. After 3rd time, it’s a complete sink then. Niche Equilibrium and Schelling point will be considered here and evolve in game real time. We consider these all inflationary and deflationary factors & are balanced by locking & unlocking periods.

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