Staking Platform

In FlyGuyz staking, you will have opportunity to receive daily rewards. If you have Genesis NFTs staked, you will be able to receive anywhere from 10-50 $FLYY daily from staking, depending on rank of NFT. Once, the FlyGuyz game is launched, if you have +1 FlyGuyz NFT staked, you can receive upwards of 5,000 $FLYY as a weekly ranking reward for participating in our in-game PVP tournament. This is to incentive our NFT holders with additional rewards. Sink is applied through every faucet here, burning of daily rewards and weekly rewards. Tax deducted 2.5-3% for ecosystem sustainability. No assets will be available for use, and stake and sell. Yield farming to be implemented into FlyGuyz platform. There will be options for both single sided staking and LP staking. So, stake your FLYY for rewards over different periods of time or users can provide liquidity on pools and earn a fee on all trades proportional to their share of the pool. And this will be available right on platform. So, the uses cases for FLYY are vast in features. Pre-launch you can stake FLYY tokens, earned from the SCO NULS platform of from staking NULS and earning FLYY. Watertiger Finance has provided FlyGuyz to have our own stake on NULS. NULS SCO stakers can then take their earnings in FLYY, and put those tokens to work, to earn more FLYY.

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