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ICO Details

FlyGuyz is an NFT-based ultimate fighting game that blends traditional gaming and crypto elements.

Token Sale Event

The token sale event will be conducted in several rounds, each with different pricing and dates. To participate in $FLYY token sale, visit,

Pre-Sale Rounds

  • Round 1:
    • Date & Time: August 26th, 4 PM UTC
    • Token Price: $0.009
    • Claim Date for TGE%: September 24
    Purchase Info:
• Minimum Purchase: $50
• Maximum Allocation: $15,000 per transaction.
More Information on Round 1:
Hard Cap for Private Round 1: The funding target for this round is set at $559,440. We have decided on this cap after careful deliberation and believe it aligns with our project's goals and initial requirements.
Minimum Purchasing Limit: To ensure broad participation and inclusivity, investors can get involved with a minimum commitment of $100 USD. This allows both small and large investors to be a part of our journey.
Maximum Purchasing Limit: For this round, we have set a maximum purchasing limit of $15,000 USD per participant transaction. Max $30,000 per user Wallet. This is to ensure that no single entity can dominate the sale and to maintain a fair distribution for all interested parties.
  • Round 2: The token price is $0.012 Next Round TBA after completion of 2nd Round.
  • Round 3: The token price is $0.021 After Completion, we will announce Launchpad IDO.

Launchpad IDO

The Launchpad IDO date is TBA, after the successful completion of Private Rounds, with a price @ $0.030. To claim tokens, visit Please check the vesting schedules for more accurate $FLYY token claim dates.
The FlyGuz Listing, will be held on partner exchange MEXC.


The total supply of $FLYY tokens is 888,000,000. The tokenomics of the FlyGuyz ecosystem are designed to maintain a constant demand for the $FLYY, which continuously stimulates the growth of its value.

How to Buy $FLYY Token

  1. 1.
    Load your MetaMask with ETH (ETHEREUM) & Connect it to FlyGuyz Website.
  2. 2.
    Enter the total amount of ETH you wish to use in the slide bar. It will show the amount of $FLYY token you are receiving.
  3. 3.
    Pay the ETH (ETHEREUM) from your MetaMask. Once your transaction is validated, you will receive $FLYY token.
  4. 4.
    Import $FLYY in MetaMask by typing in the contract address: 0xdEF36a0653D4992c3614362553C446ce41488a46.
  5. 5.
    Import vested $VFLYY in MetaMask by typing in the vesting contract address: 0xDbD185b1dF18c4a69795041B4De4B5154957E6fF. Your vested tokens will show up as $VFLYY in MetaMask. Take note of vesting schedules.
  6. 6.
    Head to the claim page at the top of our website. You will need to claim your tokens after the initial cliff or when you would like to claim your tokens as per vesting schedule.