There are 3 types of skills formed in each character, Skill will depend on the character's base stats and rank of the character.

Basic Skill: Physical damage is dealt by all basic attacks, and is also dealt by some abilities and item effects. FlyGuyz attacks, abilities, and sometime items, can be strengthened by ability powers and skill points.

Ultimate Skill: Ultimates are very strong powers and attacks that can single handedly change the outcome of any fight. Because they are so powerful, ultimate abilities have longer cooldown times, and can only be used carefully. This enables players to choose carefully when committing to using their ultimates, or alternatively waiting for their opponents to use there ultimate in a timing that create advantage and opportunity.

Death Blow: One hit kill attack and will be granted to a player when he has gone on a winning streak, damage streak, or flawless fight. It will only appear when the algorithm has been achieved for spectacular performance and can only be used once per opportunity.

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