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Product Viability

Innovative Gaming Model

The Rise of DAOs in the P2E Landscape

Cemented as among the most cutting-edge and potentially revolutionary applications of blockchain and crypto technology. DAOs represent a novel framework for corporate structure that relies on a nexus of smart contracts to dictate the investing and operational decisions of the DAO. With all of their financial transactions being readily available on the blockchain, such organizations provide transparency that is unrivaled by traditional corporations.
  • Community Building FlyGuyz necessarily relies on having a wide-spanning network of competitive P2E gamers to participate in the DAO and help it realize its mission of creating and capturing value in the ecosystem. This entails participation of members in making operational and investing decisions as part of the DAO's decentralized governance. To support the community building activities, The FlyGuyz team actively recruits new players, community managers, ambassadors, and game masters, as well as incentivized participation through reward programs and a level-up system.
  • DOMINANT GAMING BUSINESS MODEL in P2E by leveling the playing field between professional game development studios and their audiences. Investing into p2E games by acquiring in-game assets, enriches P2E and DAO ecosystems by architecting new tools and processes, and bridging the gap between blockchain-based and traditional gaming through strategic partnerships and non-crypto gaming industry standards.
  • MODEL OF PLAY-TO-EARN DAO serves a more social function in helping to enrich the user experience of GameFi and unite P2E gamers under a common banner. This help gamers attract audiences at a large scale and by extension, improve their audience. In order to rival more traditional gaining communities and development studios, it is imperative that P2E gamers can organize themselves in a unified manner. FlyGuyz community allows for this by inviting P2E gamers to invest in DAO tokens and partake in community governance decisions.
  • ONBOARDING POTENTIALLY LESS ADVANTAGED GAMERS through lending the rental system of characters and assets drastically reduces the P2E barriers to entry. By enabling the gamers to enter the market at very low cost, or entry through the DAO, we will be able to achieve a critical mass that can rival non-traditional gaming communities.
  • MAXIMIZE THE REACH OF COMMUNITY being the revenue model. Every Genesis FlyGuyz player will have to mint at least 1 NFT from our website, using $FLYY tokens. A large percentage of the income will be distributed in Liquidity and into the ETH Treasury. On top of that users will have to spend $FLYY tokens for level ups and upgrades, which will be burnt and decrease reward token supply. Since the increase in price for the $FLYY token is substantiated by the demand for the tokens, the price for them will increase accordingly to meet the supply! With this model, the price of $FLYY will skyrocket after the launch of our P2E game!