🎯How to Buy $FLYY Token

Through our https://dashboard.flyguyz.io/ interface, you can buy Flyguyz tokens (FLYY) with ETH.

🎯 Token Sale Dashboard: https://dashboard.flyguyz.io/ πŸ‘ˆ Choose your desired wallet provider. On PC, we recommend Metamask, while for mobile, we suggest Trust Wallet via Wallet Connect. Once connected, you can purchase FLYY using ETH, USDT, or credit card options. If you're unfamiliar with setting up Trust Wallet or Metamask, click the links below:

Step 1:

Enter the desired ETH or FLYY amount that you want to buy in the buy FLYY section.

Step 2:

After Entering the amount you can click the β€œBUY FLYY” button.

Step 3:

Confirm on metamask/ trustwallet to process the transaction and you are all done

Once you have successfully bought $Flyy tokens, you will then need to wait to claim your initial TGE % after the Round Ends.

Step 4:

Import $Flyy and $VFlyy (Vested Flyy) to your metamask wallet.

Import $FLYY in Metamask

Click on Import Tokens in MetaMask and type in the contract address.


Import Vested $VFLYY in Metamask

Click on Import Tokens in MetaMask and type in the vesting contract address.


Your vested tokens will show up as $VFLYY in MetaMask. Take note of vesting schedules.


Step 1:

Collect your tokens at the Flyguyz claim portal: https://claim.flyguyz.io/.

After the end of each round, you can retrieve your initial TGE. For Round 1, the claim date for the TGE% is set for September 24. The date for Round 2 will be announced following the completion of Round 1.

Step 2:

You can claim based on the vesting schedule, the details of which are available at the Flyguyz whitepaper page: https://whitepaper.flyguyz.io/ecosystem/tokenomics.

Note: Vesting occurs daily, and the start date for each round's vesting coincides with the TGE Claim Date.

Your rewards will be displayed on the Claim Page Dashboard:

  • Total Earnings: This reflects both claimed and unclaimed earnings from vested tokens.

  • Pending Rewards: This shows the unclaimed $VFLYY rewards you've accrued.

  • Total Rewards Distributed: This represents the total $VFLYY earnings claimed by other users as displayed on the dashboard.

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