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We don't share Investment Advice!

Any content published on the website or linked social media channels, and other communication with users is not investment advice. We do NOT provide investment tips, advice, or any other sort of information that could make you money. The only advice we will share is how to engage in FlyGuyz PvE mechanics, how to strategize in PvP fighting, player upgrading system/mechanics, ect. You should not use any dapp/game/service or product you see on our website without doing your own extensive research.

Information Accuracy!

We always double check the information we share on the website. We are responsible for any misunderstanding, typing mistakes, and wrong information shared. Our information is shared in plain text, implemented as such. Use the information at your own risk.
We use affiliate links to monetize our content in some of website. We rely on affiliate links to pay for the website expenses and other must-have tools to properly manage By clicking an affiliate link, we may earn a commission from sales, or in-game items for user signing-up. In same regards, please use our Referral Link in the way intended. Not as spam!
If you have any issues or questions, please reach out to us. [email protected]
Last modified 1yr ago