FlyGuyz will treat time, effort, and money as equally valid investments. Players may choose a single method of earning their token share or use a various mix of approaches together. Investing into or earning $FLYY or FlyGuyz NFTs are both valid strategies. Both of these tokens can be traded in game as well as on real world crypto exchanges.

With NFTs supporting the game balance and $FLYY tokens acting as an in game currency, there are plenty of ways to engage with P2E mechanics. On a basic level, players can earn tokens:

  • Rewards for fighting in the Arena (PvE) or (PvP)

  • Rewards for Dungeon Questing

  • Attendance Rewards and Daily Tasks

  • Fees for renting out Genesis NFTs

  • Proceeds from selling Genesis NFTs or NFT exclusive items.

  • Passive income through holding Genesis NFTs or Legendary NFTs

  • Generating new NFTs & Game items with Genesis NFTs (FLYY & Life Essence)

  • Wagers on Fights and Tournaments

  • Rental Period Fees


FlyGuyz team is working on developing scholarship features for P2E guilds. We want to encourage and facilitate the participation of gamers in a variety of P2E gamers without any or little financial investment. More information on this coming soon.

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