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Fly Guyz NFTs
FlyGuyz NFTs
FlyGuyz Genesis NFTs are the first 4,444 NFTs on sale prior to the game release, which are uniquely and randomly generated attributes based on blockchain technology. They are special characters who make up the first generations of the FlyGuyz, each of which are with a unique set of attributes and rank that appear on the NFTs. For this reason. Genesis NFTs, have many advantages compared to the later generations.
Players will use their FlyGuyz as their characters in an exciting Play-to-Earn Game. Those NFTs will show various stats regarding damage tolerance, attack, speed, and luck in the game.
Genesis NFTs are also the key in unlocking many future features in the FlyGuyz Metaverse. They are FlyGuyz Factory NFTs. The Genesis NFT owners will reach a certain rank, earn enough $FLYY tokens, then consume FLYY tokens with "Life Essence" to create new NFTs that are necessary in-game items that will be used to distributed in the FlyGuyz ecosystem. Ability of upgrading the NFT to increase earning potential and Tradeable value. You may consume FLYY and Life Essence, with 4 NFT Assets from the same realm (NFT character, weapon, armor, skin) to then merge those NFTs into a greater ranked Mutated version of NFT. This helps balance the supply per distribution mechanics with Removal mechanics. Repair mechanisms Some assets will be immutable and other not so much. Exclusive item assets can be damaged and then repaired, then as a complete sink, destroyed completely after a certain use. These are key inflation checks to keep ecosystem healthy. We have, mechanisms defined here as to what assets are immutable and what are not.
"All NFTs gives Owners Full Commercial Right"
Rarity & Rank
Each FlyGuyz character is generated from over 250 possible traits spread over 9 layers. The optimal rarity ranking mechanism generates a unique and completely different Genesis NFT from one another. There will be 3 simple ranks. Common, Rare, and Legendary.
Minting a Legendary Genesis NFT, you may possess powerful skills at first entry into the game, that gives you an advantageous edge in matchmaking and tournament events.
Legendary Genesis NFT holders will earn a additional passive income from taxes on rented out character for the game. Their stake percentage is only paused if they rent their NFT to a new user. Genesis NFT owners are also entitled to a revenue share of taxation fee in the in-game marketplace. We distribute revenue to players based on that measure of skill & not purely participation. This helps eliminate bots & multiple account players, can deduct from our system. This helps real players with more profitability to earn from our ecosystem playing game and selling NFTs. Giving a robust to ecosystem.