Combat & Tournaments

FlyGuyz combat is fighting head to head and requires clever positioning and effective use of Abilities. Players will be able to engage in PVP fights as well as PvE battles across the ancient realm. With each victory player will be rewarded ability points, equipment, powers, and life essence. Ranking your player up will allow you to climb a greater reward system.

In practice, combat in FlyGuyz in Head2Head confrontation between two individuals, or two teams. The players will use their abilities & powers to deplete the foes' health and win a battle. The combatants will fight the best 2 out of 3 bouts in one of the eight locations in the ancient realms.

The players will set up their characters abilities, equipment, and matchmaking style prior to a fight. Depending on the game mode and strength of the team, the matchmaking algorithm selects opponent(s) for the player.

Challenge Fights (PvE) mode allows players to battle an AI opponent at their own pace. An opportunity to practice before competing for greater rewards in PvP

Duel Fights (PvP) Realtime battle mode between two players with significant rewards and the possibility to wager $FLYY tokens.

Team Fights (PvP) Realtime battle mode between two teams, with significant rewards and climbing the team tournament ranking system.

Arena Tournament (PvP) Play off format PvP tournament with entry fees and a hefty $FLYY prize pool. Players must qualify for the tournament within the ranking systems via Duel Fights or Team Fights PvP. The tournaments are planned at of each season. (Fire, Ice, Earth, and Wind Seasons.) With players playing into a finals bracket.

Global Tournament (PvP) World Wide tournament streamed across the globe, planned on streaming platforms partnerships. This tournament will consist of HUGE cash prize pool up to 7 figure digits. The players will be selected by the top ranked FlyGuyz players at the end of a each season, and granted allegiance into the Global Realm. The best players will fight it out to the death to become the Champion of the Fly. This is an all or nothing affair, with the winner racking up a six-digit US dollar reward. Defeated players will lose most of everything wagered to enter the tournament, including their prized equipement possessions.

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