Economic Model

Important to note that we have put in place a self-sustainable revenue model. These features of FlyGuyz includes auto liquidity, anti-whale, anti bot, auto distribution to treasury, community grant fund, and the in-game mechanisms to decrease the token reward supply. Appreciation and Depreciation of all tradable assets is outlined in our game theory which will be assigning value assets to FLYY token ultimately. Also, we take account of the increased & decreased rates of the faucets/sinks that are controlled with inflow or outflow of the assets in our economy. The controls for hyper-inflation have already been accounted for in our sinks & faucets. The marketplace will be layer 2 solution, Polygon, to reduce gas fees. Third party commissions will be removed to increase profits for sellers. Transaction fees on all sales in marketplace will be deducted & put in the treasury & game rewards to replenish them. This also helps to create a sustainable ecosystem. PRE-LAUNCH, FLYGUYZ REVENUE MODEL
📈 We would like to explain more details about our revenue model and the reasons why the $FLYY token will go up.
Every FlyGuyz player will have to mint at least 1 NFT from our website, using $FLYY tokens. The income in $FLYY tokens will be distributed as follows:
✅ 50% of all $FLYY tokens will be distributed to Treasury and held there
✅ 30% is going to be swapped for ETH, serving as liquidity for the $FLYY token, keeping the ecosystem of the reward token healthy
✅ 20% will be swapped for ETH, which will be distributed to the ETH Treasury
At the beginning of the game, there will be still the possibility to use ETH for easier onboarding. However, the prices will be 10% higher than with $FLYY, to encourage users to use our native token. If user mints a playable NFT with ETH, the ETH pool is going to have the following distribution:
✅ 50% of ETH is going to serve as liquidity for the $ETH token to maintain the ecosystem of the Token
✅ Another 50% will be distributed to the ETH Treasury
✅ On top of that users will have to spend $FLYY tokens for level ups and upgrades, which will be burnt and decrease reward token supply
Since the increase in price for the $FLYY token is substantiated by the demand for the tokens, the price for them will increase accordingly to meet the supply! With this model, the price of $FLYY will skyrocket after the launch of our P2E game! 🚀
AUTO-LIQUIDITY: This feature will help our token price to get stability by adding liquidity automatically to the liquidity pool
AUTO-TAX: Auto tax is a 6% that will be imposed on every transaction which will be used for auto-liquidity, foundation, and future development. 2% of this taxation will be distributed amongst holders, in reflection based rewards!
ANTI-BOT: This feature prevents bots from disrupting the price action of our tokens our tracking liquidity ANTI-WHALE: Less than 2% , Multi-Account holders mechanisms, both go side by side to keep platform more secure for everyone