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oken Summary

The $FLYY token is the core utility token and in-game currency of the FlyGuyz game and future metaverse. Tokens can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by very player inside and outside of the game. $FLYY in an Ethereum token.

In interest of building a long lasting and sustainable game economy, 888,000,000 (eight hundred eighty eight million) $FLYY tokens have been minted. The total supply of $FLYY is fixed with the aim to create a circular token economy that won't result in diminishing returns for players.

The $FLYY token is core in-game utility token, with staking for stability and reward, elements of yield farming, and internal medium of exchange use cases.

Token Allocation:

Token utility can be divided into player-to-player and player-to-vault (to-player) mechanisms:

Player to player

  • Players can buy and sell equipment, and life essence, primarily won in the battle grounds, to other players in exchange for $FLYY tokens

  • Players can wager on PvP Arena battles and win/lose $FLYY tokens

  • Players can buy, sell, & rent FlyGuyz NFTs between players in exchange for $FLYY tokens

  • Players can spend $FLYY to summon generic in-game characters.

  • Players can buy/sell other NFTs in exchange for $FLYY token, including newly created NFTs.

  • Players can buy/sell abilities, powers, life essence to other players

  • Players can spend $FLYY to upgrade their characters

  • Genesis NFTs will create new NFTs and in-game assets, then be traded

Play to Vault

  • Players who own Genesis NFTs earn passive royalties in the form of $FLYY (fee of transactions)

  • Players pay entrance fee $FLYY to participate in tournaments

  • Players receive $FLYY as rewards from winning tournaments

  • Players receive $FLYY rewards for staking $FLYY tokens

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