FlyGuyz Whitepaper
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Gaming Features

Ready, Set, Fight!
Play-to-Earn Model, the game focuses on players earning $Flyy tokens for upgrading their characters skills, features, and powers. Being that FlyGuyz is an ultimate fighting style game, the gameplay will be the center focus feature of our model to increase player's gameplay experience. FlyGuyz will give the community the ultimate fighting experience, with an opportunity to grind your characters for financial success. We do understand the struggle in connection between the traditional gamers and the crypto gamers. We are (Using Unreal Engine 5) creating a highly immersive gameplay experience graphics and design. While we also maintain these fundamental in-game mechanisms that will provide opportunity for you to grind for financial success. A core value of FlyGuyz, to treat time, money, and effort as equally valid investments. So, the Grind method is applied. That is to mint at Pro-Rata to the other resources put in. For time, effort, token, in game currency, and other assets in game.