Dungeon Questing

Within the FlyGuyz Metaverse, there are the immortal gates of each Realm. These magical portals that are each divinity of the 4 Gods, connect to the FlyGuyz metaverse to the expansive dungeons. Users will be able to interact with the gates and enter the void dungeons as an adventure. Within the void dungeons, there will be a variety of challenges and games. By clearing the dungeon, users will obtain $FLYY tokens and/or rare assets as a reward. 2 Dungeons from each realm. Dante's Inferno, Subzero, Terra Firma, Zephuros. Each realm has a basic dungeon, then advanced dungeon, once all 8 dungeons are completed, players can move onto legendary dungeons. In which rare loot/ equipment can be found. 1 Elite Dungeon. Only available to the top 12 ranked players of each month and can only be played once per player/ team per month. Legendary equipment/ NFT can be won if cleared.

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